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Screw feeders

For powdery products, we can integrate high-precision screw feeders on our pouch machines. These dosing devices allow the gentle dosing of fragile products such as baby milk powder, cocoa, dehydrated soups, spices, etc. The doser is equipped with a clocked shutter system that prevents the product from flowing further after being dosed. This avoids incorrect weights in the bags but also the overflow of product which could create bag sealing problems later.

Doseurs à vis
Doseur à vis automatique

In short…

  • Product level control
  • Servo driven
  • Agitator included
  • Dosing end shutter
  • Dosage recipes 
  • Product level detection 
  • High dosing precision. 
  • Gentle product handling 
  • Short cleaning times and fast product changeover 
  • Sanitary design

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