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Case Sealers

série 32 et 38

Flagship product of our packaging machines, our carton sealers combine precision and versatility. They cover a wide range of formats and can be easily adapted to various carton models fully automatically in just a few seconds. Simple, repeatable changeover ensures both maximum productivity and exceptional uptime. The closing process can be done by hot glue, adhesive tape or gummed tape. The main advantage of our series of carton sealers is the possibility of changing carton formats in a few seconds and without tools, in a completely automatic way.

Fermeuse de carton

32 and 38 series technical data

Dimensions in mm

Speed Boxes/min

Cardboard types

Width : 150 – 800 

Length : 100 – 300 

Height : 80 – 400 

Other dimensions possible

Up to 40

FEFCO 0201 

FEFCO 0200 

FEFCO 0209 

Other types available on request

Construction features

  • Welded steel construction 
  • Large protective doors
  • Easy movement of boxes on rolls
  • Anti-corrosion variant 
  • Central operating control by electronic entry of box dimensions
  • Closing boxes with hot glue, gummed or adhesive tape
  • Quick format change without format parts or tools
  • Automatic height detection, contactless
  • Motorized height adjustment
  • Automatic detection of width and centering
  • Motorized automatic width adjustment
  • Available for large and small cartons

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