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FFS Pouch carousel machine

From a reel of film

The carousel and non-linear operating mode of our machines allows the bags to always remain on the same station throughout the product packaging process.

With this rotary operation, the machines are much more compact. The turret is nonetheless accessible for the various handling and adjustment works. A step-by-step mode is also provided for this purpose.

Discover below, part of our range of horizontal carousel pouch machines and their technical characteristics for food and non-food products.

Ensacheuse FFS
Ensacheuse FFS

Other technical advantages such as the parallel and non-scissor drive of the sealing tools allow a better distribution of the sealing force over the entire height of the bag. This avoids leaks on key places of the bags such as the corners in case of extra thickness (Doypack or with a cap).

The film can be driven using two drive rollers. This avoids the stretching of thin films, especially after the position of the side welds (heating points).

Ensacheuse à carrousel

With a segmented construction of the carousel, a format change in less than an hour is possible. The operator can prepare on a support, the spacing of the grippers for each segment and thus easily integrate them on the carousel.

FFS pouch machine data sheet

Machine Series:


Execution :

1 track up to 6 tracks

Speed ppm/min*. :

40 to 600

Types of bags:-Doypack – Flat sachets – Complete or partial shaped sachets – -Bipoches – Wipes-Corner or centered stopper-
Pouch formats:

L 40 – 485mm

H 60 – 350mm

Types of films :

All heat sealable films

Equipment :Digital control console, splicing table between reels, rapid format change, modem, bag desaeration, servo drive of the side sealing irons: Precise adjustment of the sealing time independently of the rate, automatic catch-up from edge to edge of the film, bag opening primer, part in contact with the product in AISI 316, all paper documentation.
Option :Zip, nitrogen, marking, embossing, labeling, ultrasonic sealing, adaptation of sealing irons, pick and place at the machine outlet, check weigher, metal detector. Weight Smart (The bagger waits for the weigher: Avoids empty bags), machine closed on the top, cams for different bag opening strokes, UV lamp at the film unwinding level, recovery of production data, laminar flow, welding cooling depending on the application, air conditioning in the electrical cabinet…others on request.
Additional equipment:Multihead weighers Yamato, Ishida, Multiweigh, Multipond, others on request, piston and servo motor controlled dosing pump for liquids, screw dosers, drawer doser, micro-doser, counter, vibrating bowls, feeding system specific on request, depending on the nature of the products. Inkjet, thermal transfer or laser marker. Labeling machine, anti-theft insertion in the bags (radiofrequency label).
Wear parts :Springs of grippers, knives, cams, pinions, bearings. We recommend an annual review every 12 months for three-shift operation.
Advantages :Compact even in case of multiple stations for different dosages, robust, the bag is always on the same station during the whole filling process, rotating operation of the carousel: Long life of wearing parts.
*Depending on the nature of the product, the format of the sachets and the type of dosage selected.

The advantages of our FFS pouch carousel machines

  • Reduced energy needs 
  • Servo motor operation of sealing tools 
  • Can pass various products and bag types
  • Device for sensitive films (opp and bopp) 
  • Designed for large production volumes 
  • Versatile machines Approx. > 800,000 sachets per year otherwise see HFS mode 
  • Reduced pouch manufacturing costs 
  • Ease of use and maintenance 
  • Possibility of passing films of less than 55 microns

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