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Horizontal side load cartoner

The boxes are automatically picked up in a magazine of preformed boxes by a system of rotary suction cups. The cartons are automatically placed on the longitudinal conveyor chain. The bottom flaps of the case are formed, then the top flaps are folded open so that the operator or an automatic dispensing system can insert the products into the boxes. After the items are filled, glue is applied to the bottom and top flaps to ensure a completely closed and sealed package. The cartons are then unloaded from the horizontal cartoner by motorized side belts.

Etuyeuse horizontale side load

Horizontal side load cartoner technical data

Dimensions in mm (Boxes)


Types of closure

Length: 108 – 250mm 

Width: 44 – 250mm 

Height: 20 – 80mm 

Other dimensions on request

30 to 60

Hot glue 

Cold glue 


In short…

  • Coding: Embossing, inkjet or laser 
  • Automatic caseloader 
  • Reading barcodes through the conveyor
  • Detection and rejection of open flaps


  • Codage : Gaufrage, jet d’encre ou laser 

  • Chargeur d’étuis automatique

  • Lecture de codes-barres à travers le convoyeur 

  • Détection et rejet des rabats ouverts

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