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Our wrap-around packers forms compact and stable cases that tightly wrap the products. The machine is capable of processing FEFCO 0406 carton wrappers, as well as special designs with shortened flaps or windows. Our range of machines is designed to process wide ranges of formats, thus offering great versatility. Various infeed and product grouping devices are available to handle food and non-food industry items such as pouches, boxes, jars, bottles, blisters, flowpacks, cans, etc.

Suremballeuses wrap-around

Advantages of our wrap-around wrappers

  • Quality of wrap-around according to FEFCO 0406 
  • Machine suitable for handling both wrap-around cartons and trays 
  • Individual grouping systems: Stacker and destacker, tilting systems, indexing chains, lane separators, etc. 
  • Individual packaging modules: pusher, dragger, pick-and-place 
  • For handling a wide variety of corrugated boxes 
  • Small and large trays and lids 
  • Extensively motorized operation 
  • Automatic format change (optional)

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