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HFS Pouch machine for seeds

From preformed paper or PE bags

Thanks to our experience and our know-how, we offer a separate range of bagging machines, dedicated for the packaging of seeds in preformed 100% paper or heat-sealable pouches. This particular activity requires specific dosing systems that we also manufacture and deliver with the machines (micro-dosers: from 0.01g, vibrating bowls, dosing pistons, seed counters, linear or multi-head weighers, etc.). Our delivery program also includes anti-germination installations (pouch in a paper or heat-sealable bag), manual or semi-manual bagging machines and batch groupers of bags with an elastic band.

Ensacheuses à graines

High flexibility

The ease of loading the pouches into the loading magazine makes it possible to change formats or references regularly and to respond to “on demand” production. The simplicity of the format changes carried out without tools and by an automatic separation of the grippers via the control console, confer a great attractiveness to our series of seed packaging machines.

Bags that move but do not move

Following their transfer to the carousel of the pouch machine, the bags are fixed to a determined station and do not move until they are evacuated. Thus, during the rotation of the carousel and the entire packaging process, there is no risk of incorrect placement of the bags on the clamps, which could cause poor filling or an oblique and leaky seal.

Format changes in approx. 15 minutes

The change of format can be done automatically on the control panel of the PFS series. The operator can select his recipe with the pre-recorded format, and the carousel clamps automatically adapt to the width of the bags. This allows format changes to be made in about 15 minutes, excluding machine cleaning.

Bol vibrant pour le dosage des graines et des semences
Vibrating bowl
Micro-doseur pour le dosage des graines et semences
Systèmes de comptage pour graines et semences
Counting system
Peseuses linéaires
Linear weighers
Schéma ensacheuse FS

Principe de fonctionnement

  1. Gripping  preformed bags 
  2. Transfer to the carousel
  3. Opening the bags 
  4. Presence and detection of bags (no bag : no filling)
  5. Filling or others 
  6. Filling or others 
  7. Sealing of pouches 
  8. Sealing 
  9. Evacuation of bags

HFS seed bagger data sheet

Machine series:



Execution :




Speed ppmin*. :




Pouch formats :

L 80-210mm

H 115-260mm

L 80-150mm

H 115-260mm

L 50-50mm

H 50-220mm

Types of bags :

-Doypack – Flat pouches – Full or partial shaped pouches- -Corner or center spout-

Types of film :

All heat-sealable films and 100% PAPER

Equipment :

Digital control panel, automatic format change, modem, bag desaeration, AISI 316, centralized lubrication, paper documentation and DVD , bigger pouch magazine, Zipper application

Option :

Nitrogen, marking, embossing, labeling, ultrasonic sealing, Weight Smart: The bagger waits for the weigher: Avoid empty bags, machine closed on top, recovery of production data, laminar flow, cooling of welds depending on the application , air conditioning in the electrical cabinet…others on request

Advantages of our HFS seed baggers

This type of bagging machine is used for production volumes generally lower than 800,000 sachets per year, as well as for frequent changes of references and formats. Very easy to use and maintain, our packaging machines for preformed pouches (FS) require almost no spare parts. 

  • Reduced energy needs Format change in less than 15 minutes
  • Carousel bigger than 8 stations available Approx. < 800,000 sachets per year otherwise see HFFS mode
  • Can pass 100% paper bags Different pouch magazines available
  • Versatile machines Ease of use and maintenance
  • Designed for limited production volumes Automatic adjustment of grippers on desk

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