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Top load vertical cartoner

Our range of automatic and semi-automatic  cartoners have been designed to form and fill different sizes of cartons without changing parts. The unique design of our machines allows two types of operation: Intermittent or continuous, thus offering additional flexibility and total control during filling. The cases are picked up by suction cups with rotary movements in the cardboard magazine. The boxes are then placed in the circular conveyor chain. The top flaps are open and the bottom flaps are closed and then sealed. The product is then safely placed in the cases. Thanks to an extended loading area, it is possible to carry out manual filling with one or more operators. Alternatively, automatic loading with a multihead weigher, linear weigher, robots or other dispensing systems is also possible. After this packaging step, the cardboard boxes can be closed and sealed, then evacuated from the packaging line. The meticulous and careful process of the machine allows automatic or manual packaging in complete safety for the operators and the product.

Etuyeuse verticale top load

Top load vertical cartoner technical data

Dimensions in mm (boxes)


Type of closure

Length: 44 – 225mm 

Width: 20 – 100mm 

Height: 108 – 310mm 

Other dimensions on request

Up to 60 filled boxes per minutes

Depending from product and dosing system

Hot glue

Cold glue


In short…

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Extended speed range variable, depending on case size and quality 
  • Extended format range 
  • Quick format change All adjustment points are equipped with digital readouts for easy change. PLC control

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